24 January 2014

Rae and Charlie visit the Doctor

When it rains it pours, right?  Rachel woke up with a fever and an earache and Charlotte was complaining about her foot.  Again.  Charlie fell in gym class about three weeks ago and had mentioned, sporadically, that her heel hurts.  She said it hurt to point her toes or it hurts if she runs.  She kept on with her busy style so I didn't think it was serious.  So now with two needing some medical attention, I make the appointment.
The doctor looked at Rachel first - or he tried to.  Her ear was so full he couldn't see.  The nurse came in with a warm irrigation and unplugged Rachel's ear.  The water came back out of her ear colored like melted butter.  Then - are you sitting down? - out drifted a popcorn kernel.  Well, at least that's what we thought it was at first.  Upon closer inspection, we discovered that it was actually the tip of a once cottony q-tip.  Stuck in her ear.  Rae said that the last time she used a q-tip was a few days prior and that's when her ear started to hurt.  It seems the q-tip had been in there for about two years, securely nestled in her auditory canal, soaking up wax.  Lovely.  Once it floated to freedom, Rachel said the world was a new place - we all sounded like we were yelling.  And, a cool bonus - the headphones that she thought were not working in one ear, are miraculously fixed - it was her ear that wasn't working!  No q-tips!
Meanwhile, Charlotte's x-ray comes back and she is in a boot for three weeks.  It is her heel - a minor fracture right on her growth plate area and the doctor says it was already healing up.  How long ago did this happen, the doctor asks.  Mom. Charlotte says, I told you it's been hurting for weeks!  Yup, sorry Charlotte - she's so tough.  This happened once before, when Charlotte was three.  She was climbing on the monkey bars and she said Mommy help me down.  I said you are fine, just let go.  She was only three feet off of the ground.  Ugh.  She crawled around the house for three days, not crying, just saying it was sore.  When I FINALLY took her to the doctor - we had our first broken bone in the family.  She had been crawling around on a broken leg for three days and she will NEVER let me forget it.  This time Charlotte wears her boot everywhere but bed and bath - her latest fashion accessory.  Tough kids!

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