22 January 2014

Cute Kid Quote - Josephine 2014

Josephine is small.  I mean she's petite and most of her third grade class is taller than she is.  I tell her that she gets it from me, 'cause I'm short.  I have to get people in the grocery store to reach things for me.  Her big personality makes up for her little size.
Yesterday we were at Goodwill, looking for a bargain.  Josephine turns to me and we had this Cute Kid Quote Conversation:
J:  Mom, remember we were in here last time and I saw that Monster High t-shirt I liked?  You wouldn't buy it for me 'cause it's a character.
M:  Yes, I remember.
J:  Well the next day I saw that same t-shirt on a kid at school.
M:  Was it someone in your class?
J:  It was a kindergartner.

Poor kid, even a kindergartner is bigger.

As a side note:  I have quite rigid rules on my kids becoming billboards for characters.  No sponge bob, no mickey mouse.  No characters.  None.  There are three exceptions to this rule - superheroes, teams the child is a part of (like Charlie's swim team shirt or Rachel's theater production t-shirts), and rock bands.  Those "endorsements" are fine.  But for rock bands you have to be able to sing three songs.  Rules are rules.

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