28 January 2014

Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit

We finished another play - Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit.  If you are familiar with Law and Order, this is the same format, except that the characters are all from fairy tales.  This picture shows Rachel as Bo Peep, the Defense Attorney for B. B. Wolf.  Charlotte is next to her as Goldie, the police detective.  I am next, as Chung Chung, the sound effect between scenes and then is Josephine, as Bashful, the dwarf.  Rachel also played Doc, leader of the dwarf's and Charlotte also played Happy, the comic relief of the dwarfs.
Rachel grilling the prosecution's witness - Humpty Dumpty (not int he picture).  Seated at the Defense table is Bernard Bartholomew Wolf and the Gingerbread Bailiff.
This is me with my co-stars...location and time.  We announced every scene, like the tv show.
Here we have Sneezy, the tallest dwarf (the dwarfs were on a basketball team), with Detective Humpty Dumpty, Rachel as Bo Peep, Merm, as the assistant state's attorney and Cindy, the detective.
These community plays are time consuming.  That's literally the only downside.  We have met some great people, volunteered our time and energy to a greater cause and really stepped outside the normal day to day life we are so comfortable with.  I am happy to be at home with my family.  I have learned, however, that putting yourself out there is good for the soul - we grew and I hope we made some people laugh in the process.  Film at 11.

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