21 June 2013

Vacation Bible School 213

Vacation Bible School may not be a "Mormon" institution, but, it is standard summer activity for the Ball Team.  Through the years we've been Methodists, Baptists and Anglicans.  This year we went with a new one (to me, anyway) - Assembly of God. This is one upbeat gang of Christians.  Seriously high energy.  There were complicated visual systems, sound effects and those balloons behind the little three there?  Yeah, that was the beginning of the rainbow of balloons that spanned the two story-high entry way into the gym/assembly hall.  Welcome to the high-tech Bible belt.  The name of the VBS was Champ Camp - all about being a champion. The little ladies took the cheerleading class, where they learned cheers celebrating God and our hometown Panthers.  Jay Michael took the soccer class and made stained glass/crepe paper windows and kicked goals.  They all loved it.  At the end of each night they gathered and answered "moral values" questions.  The correct answer was rewarded with a chocolate football large enough to shame any Easter bunny.  Charlotte won one and shared with the whole family - it was huge.  They discussed honesty and obedience.  In their sports, they talked about diligence and hard work.  They talked about winning and losing and they always ended it with - Be a champion.  That's a good message - no matter what source it comes from.

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Anonymous said...

I remember going to those when Chuck and I were younger...loved them!!!