11 June 2013

Piranhas Back In The Water

The summer means warm days turning into hot days in Arkansas.  It means watermelon and sleeping late.  It means playing all day with friends and staying up late with sisters.  All this is true for everyone in our family - except Charlotte.  Charlotte swims, and swimming means 8 am practice, then night practice from 7-9.  It means lots of time in the pool and less time at play dates.  It means hard work and sore muscles.  This girl, at 10, is dedicated to her sport.  She literally bounces out of bed in the morning, grabs her bag and heads for the pool.  Her first meet was last Saturday and she has already shaved as much as 5 seconds off of her times.  Now 5 seconds may not sound like a long time, but, in a race to the wall, it is HUGE.  Go Charlotte.  Big things are coming this season! 

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