14 June 2013

Girl's Camp - 2013

You can barely see Rachel in this picture (second from the left, seated, hands up with a pink headband holding her hair back), but, WOW - look at that setting!  This is where my big ladies spent their week.  Classes, activities, songs, and study - a week at girl's camp.  In the heat and having a big time.  That's our Stake President -Bruce Burkheimer - the tallest one in the picture - standing in the back.
Rachel (far right) with her buds - Lindsey and Camille.  Leaving a day before everyone else, 'cause they are fourth years this year - that's girl's camp jargon for, "we get to do all the fun cool stuff like mountain biking and rock climbing!"
Samantha (second from the left) leaving the next day with her friends (from left to right) - Selena, Brianna, Rachel and Rosemary.  That's their fearless leader Sandy Sheppard standing behind them - ready to spend a week camping in the Arkansas summer sun!
Our house has been a little quieter with the big ladies away.  I love that they get to do something away from the rest of us and even without each other, since they are in separate campsites this year.  As much as I love having the family together, we all have to make our own way and do our own thing.  Break away from the pack.  Then come home and tell Dad and Mom all about it!!!!

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