24 March 2013

Rachel is Fifteen

Fifteen fingers.  Yes, Rachel turned 15.  I've been telling her for weeks that she is turning 12, but, it happened anyway.  On March 14, 2013, Rachel Mae Ball turned 15.

We had birthday danish for breakfast.  We celebrated with breakfast because all the ladies and Jay Michael had dentist appointments at 8 am and we had four parent teacher conferences in the afternoon.

She received these cool little figures from her friend, which are from Rachel's favorite video game - Portal.  Click here if you would like to learn more about Portal.
Rachel had never had a manicure before, so her MaMa Jean (James' stepmother) took both of us out to get our nails done.  It was fun; my fingers are the coral color, Rae's are a deep violet and Jean's are the classic red.  We also had lunch at Carrino's, which was delicious!  Happy Birthday to us!
A few Rachel facts:
Rachel is wearing glasses with no lenses in these pictures.  She also wears converse everyday.  She went through a make up stage, but, has recently decided that she doesn't want to wear any at all.  Rachel likes to bake goodies and drive.  She is into video games and her new laptop (her birthday/tax money splurge).  Rachel has many friends and likes to spend time with them.  She is taking AP classes and forensics and French as her electives.  She just joined the community theatre group to be in Les Mis - more on that in June.

My birthday is just a few days after Rachel's and my folks sent us both flowers.  Aren't mine gorgeous?  I spent my birthday in Branson and treated myself to a new pair of earrings at the coolest bead shop in Missouri - Plum Bazaar.  If you are in Branson, check them out.

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