08 March 2013

Fourth Grade Concert

Charlotte was very excited about the Fourth Grade Concert at her school.  She sang the songs around the house, but, not so that I could understand them; she said it would be a surprise.  Wow.  It sure was.  The class did a lullaby from Nigeria, a Spanish children's song, a negro spiritual, and a hit from the Go-Go's in the 1980's!  Talk about variety!  They also performed a hand clap kind of rhythm song.  Not really a rap, just words and using claps and stomps to keep the beat.  It was a fun one.  You could see it in all their faces that they were having fun with it.  About five members of the class also got to play the xylophone - they had five in different shapes and tones.  Charlotte is pictured here playing her part on the bass xylophone.  I love that she loves music.  I love that her school allows music to be a focus.  All the kids did a great job.  Way to go Charlotte!  Keep on singing!

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