31 March 2013

Easter 2013

Spring may well be here.  The temperatures have been getting higher lately, and the flowers are starting to bloom, ie, we may have to cut the grass soon.  Today is Easter, so it feels like spring, no matter the weather.  In church this morning the little ladies sang with the primary in sacrament, and then did a second song with about five other senior primary girls.  This was the first time, outside of the yearly primary sacrament programs, that Charlotte and Josephine have been up on the stand to sing.  They sounded awesome and weren't nervous at all.
We came home and dyed Easter eggs.  Why do we only do this at Easter?  It's fun.

Rachel played Easter bunny and "hid" the filled eggs in the yard.  Everyone else found them.  Yes, even Samantha.  She may be 13, but, who doesn't love candy?

The candy crew.  Don't you love Jay Michael's face in this one? I do.
On a more spiritual note, we also made these: Resurrection Rolls.  I found this link on FaceBook that a friend posted and it really hit the mark.  A delicious treat, a point-on object lesson and a spiritual message.  The trifecta of Easter. See the hollow middle of the roll?  The empty tomb!  And yes, it worked!  Not all my projects actually turn out.  This one is a keeper and I think it will be a new Easter tradition.

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Marc and Liz Anson said...

Resurrection rolls?! How cool is that? Does it actually work?