21 July 2011

Same bat-time, same bat-channel....

When I was growing up in Maryland, we lived "in town". Just down the street from where we lived was a Tasty-Freeze. For years, I had no idea it was there, because it was at the end of the street that was close to the busy road. I wasn't allowed to go that way; I rode my bike and played in the vacant lot that were in the other direction - away from the road and closer to the houses and school and ball fields.

When I discovered that there was a Tasty Freeze at the end of the street, I immediately wanted ice cream. My brother and I would occasionally convince our folks to walk down there with us and get a cone. I remember it as a great treat and a fun tradtion with my folks.

Hence the name of this post - same bat time, same bat channel. Now my kids are all about the evening ritual - Mom (and usually a more successful attempt, Dad....), can we get a Brain Freeze? Of course, we say yes occasionally. Frozen flavored shaved ice sure does hit the spot when it's still 90 degrees at 9 pm. I bet my folks thought the same thing!

Ball Team+Laura (Samantha's bud and our sixth child) enjoying an evening treat!

Mid day brain freeze - Jay Michael drove his sister's Barbie Jeep, while the big ladies+Laura walked. He's a smart boy, huh? The ladies look like they might melt into the parking lot....

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