10 July 2011

Get Away, July 2011

We took a weekend off! Charlotte has had a swim meet every Saturday since school let out, but, since this weekend had Monday as the Fourth of July, she had a Saturday off. I also had Monday off, so we decided it was high time to get out of town. We headed to Conway, about an hour away, to do nothing but ride go carts! The ladies and Jay Michael love them. LOVE THEM. James and I are happy to oblige with driving the little ones, and Charlotte reached the solo rider line - YAY!

We piled into the car Saturday morning, and didn't tell the kids what we were up to. I had made a reservation at a cheap motel - passable, but, nothing I want to do again - and we had a blast. We swam in the motel pool, found a $1 jewelry store (notice the bling on each of the ladies in the picture below {Charlotte is the sunglasses}) and we watched cartoons on tv - a little luxury we don't have at home. We rode go carts first thing, then the ladies and Jay talked us into going again in the late afternoon.

We had the track to ourselves! It was fun just laughing together. I want to go do it again already and I know as soon as I say go carts everyone here will run for the van.

James had to load up on some pain killers and break up the party by taking an afternoon nap - not that he wanted to go to the $1 jewelry store, anyway - just to partake in the fun. He's hurting, always, but, laughing with his kids and seeing their faces whizzing by in a go cart makes his pains a bit easier temporarily. The motel bed and being squished by kiddos all night, no. Not too helpful... But I guarantee he enjoyed it all.

2 screams from the fans...:

Meghan White said...

That looks like so much fun!! Go karts are awesome and now I want to go drive one!!

Megan said...

That is fantastic. Some of our best vacations have been driving to the next town and getting a room at a hotel with a pool. Love it~