20 November 2010

Thanksgiving Tradition

As a start to Thanksgiving week, I just wanted to share our newest tradition - the Gratitude Calendar. Each day, each family member adds something to the calendar for which he or she is grateful. No repeats. We all help Jay, since he is only two. Otherwise, he would be thankful for footballs and basketballs every day. I know this picture may be hard to make out, but, the list includes sweet and humbling entries like - my parents, testimonies and Jesus; to fun and whimsical entries like - slippers, candy and elbows. In all, by Thanksgiving on the 25th, we should have 175 entries!

1 screams from the fans...:

angelalois said...

sweet idea. footballs and baseballs? wesley is thanksful for trains, airplanes, cars, and helicopters.... haha :-)