27 November 2010

Thanksgiving Week

The weather in Central Arkansas has been spectacular. Seriously. Low seventies, no humidity. Light breeze. Clear skies. Gorgeous fall colors.

The ladies had the full week of school off. We had plenty of playdates.

Lots of Rock Band. Day or Night? Still jammin'....

We had visits with family. This is Jim Ball, James' Dad. The truck is Jeannie, named for his wife. Rachel, Jay and I went down to meet Popop Jim at work and Rachel got to drive and park the big truck! She was so excited. Jay got to ride and that was thrilling enough for him. He told me, "I ride big tuck, Momma."

We had plenty of artwork and playing school. Tons of jumping on the trampoline and playing at parks. I wasn't kidding when I said beautiful weather. The only rain we had was on Thanksgiving Day.

And, a turkey. Funny story - our house was struck by lightening, and a few random things quit working - one of which was the oven. So, I cooked it at our friend's house (thanks again, Krista) and the picture of Charlotte above is her guarding the finished turkey on its journey to our house to eat it! Her name was Alice and she was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself...

We have so very much to be grateful for. Thank you to all of you for even reading the blog and leaving comments. Each of you, near and far, old and new, family and friends, touch our lives and we are grateful for each of you. Happy Thanksgiving from the BallTeam!

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