03 October 2010


I have an amazing sister in law. Her name is Tina, but, since that's my name, we call her Abbie. She is feisty and sweet, all mixed in the perfect proportion. This picture with her and my brother, Eric, was taken while they were enjoying a Caribbean resort after one of Eric's many, many deployments. Army life might not have been her choice, but, she makes it work because Eric IS her choice. They act like newlyweds, still.

So when Eric was about to turn 40 I was asking her what outrageous idea she had. I knew it would be big. It was. She said, Beans, I am flying you and Sydney (pictures later, Eric's daughter, who lives in New Hampshire) to Maryland to surprise Eric - you'll be here for four days, okay? I told her I could be packed and at the airport in less than an hour!

For four days I was in Maryland. I met Eric at the airport, spent the next two days with our parents and other brother, David, at our folks house. We relaxed and chatted and chatted. It was great. And thanks, Ma, for the scrapple for breakfast - fanTAStic!!

The next two days were a different kind of great - the saltier kind. We went down to the shore, where we all grew up, and Eric had his birthday bash with Abbie's side of the family, and I had some down time with the ocean. Ahh. I missed it.

Some photo highlights:

I think I had crabs with almost every meal - steamed, crab cakes, crab balls, crab dip, crab imperial, ahhhh, yum! ::::::: Me with Ma and Dad, September 2010

Eric's Kids: Sydney (18), Tyler (15) and Gavin (9)
Eric with an Ocean City staple - Thrasher's Fries.

Me in the Atlantic and the Kites on the beach.
It was raining and misty, so the pictures aren't good.

Thank you , Abbie and Eric - I had an amazing trip. Oh, and Eric, Happy Birthday, by the way!
Eric, Sydney, Me, David, Ma and Dad: September 2010

2 screams from the fans...:

Meghan White said...

That looks like a fabulous trip!! and I love the header picture, super cute!

Eric the brother said...

Thank you Beans, your message as always was super sweet. It was great seeing you and spending some time catching up. Isn't Tina (my Tina) the best? I still can't get over what she did for me. Love you, and love the blog. Eric