04 October 2010

Joey is Six

Six fingers? Six years old? Can it be? Yes, it is true. Josephine Lisette is SIX! For Joey's sixth "purse-day" she wanted to make purses with her friends and eat Boston Creme Pie. And so we did just that. Plus doughnuts on a string; great fun.

Decorating Purses :::: No hands!

The "loot" :::::: Sign from school
The paper Joey is holding is the teacher's notes to the kids on what will happen that day in kindergarten. Joey got to bring it home on her birthday and it reads: "Happy Birthday Josephine. Today is October 1, 2010. We will make applesauce today. We will go to P.E. today." Joey reports that the applesauce was fun, but not too tasty. She was really excited, too, because hers was the first birthday of the class so far. She felt like everyone at school knew it was her birthday. Her teacher made a big deal of it. Line leader, seat up front for storytime, helper to pass out snacks, all the good stuff!

Later we went shopping with the gift card from GrandDad and GrandMa (thank you!) and Joey picked out a FurReal Bear Cub that makes noises and snores when it sleeps! She named it Savannah.

At six, Joey can ride a two wheeler (to school, even) and write her full name. She is still reluctant to get out of the van or out of the house to head to school in the morning, but, her teacher reports that she is happy and involved while she is there. Joey says she is a "popular" girl and she has lots of friends. She can set the table, put all her clothes away and change diapers, although non e of those activities are really what she wants to do. Joey loves to dance, sing and be outside. She is funny without even trying and has quite the imagination. We all love you, Joey!

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Kim said...

I can't stand how big and beautiful your family is getting! Awesome. I LOVE your Halloween picture!! Miss ya...