29 October 2010

KidBits October 2010

KidBits is my way of posting a little about each of the ladies and Jay. It's nothing huge, and mainly for the grandparents, but, feel free to come along...

Rachel dressed like this for school. Groovy. Homecoming week in Junior High included a court and dressing up in different themes through the week. This was Rae on decade day. I wish I had taken a picture on nerd day. She rocked that one, too!

Samantha went our to feed the dogs last week and found this beautiful chicken on the hood of her Dad's car. Really? She wanted to keep it. James and I wanted to serve it with BBQ sauce. In the end, we gave her to our friend who has a roost of six chickens in her backyard. Red Velvet, as Samantha named her, will be very happy there.

Charlotte is our resident chef-in-training. This lady is all about the kitchen. Last week she made French toast. Her specialty is sandwiches and she always reminding me what we need at the store. She wants to be a chef one day and we are thinking that it's a great idea!

Josephine had her first field trip, which meant her first ride on a school bus. She saw the Wizard of Oz at the high school, put on by the drama classes. The very next day, she had a second field trip, this time to the pumpkin patch. Kindergarten is great fun!

Jay is speaking in paragraphs now and sings along with the radio, which is dang cute. He loves anything that involves a ball. He has even caused a delay of game at Rachel's soccer game, because he was on the field chasing their ball. That's my boy. He throws, kicks, punts, catches, bats and chases any ball he sees. This sometimes includes round fruit. Whenever I say, Jay, let's go to the van. He always says, Ball come, Momma? So sweet.

And, a few goof ball shots. Just because the kids like to act like goof balls in public.....

2 screams from the fans...:

Katielin317 said...

I seriously just love your kids. What a fun bunch:)

Emilee said...

Your kids are just so cute! I sure do miss you and your family! I wish I could hear Jay talking, can you put a video on of him? :) Where on earth did that chicken come from??