19 August 2010

Off to School

The school year started today and everyone except Jay is gone. I might be able to blog a little more now. I could clean, or make cards, or fold some laundry, too, but, there will be plenty of time for all of it...first, some pictures!

This year marks a few milestones for the Ball Team in school. First, Rachel is in junior high. Yes, junior high. She was a little anxious about the normal school stuff (where are my classes? who will I eat lunch with? will I get lost? will the eighth and ninth graders be really mean?), but overall she was excited and feeling quite grown up.
Josephine starts kindergarten. She did a brief stint in pre-K, but, I pulled her out after almost two months of peeling her off of my leg every morning. You are only four once, so I decided if she wanted to be home, let her. Kindergarten is for keeps, we told her all summer, so she knows there's no pulling her out of school this time. Joey was still pretty reluctant, but I stayed through morning announcements and the teacher very skillfully got the class (with many nervous little ones) engaged and involved. I slipped out the door as they started talking about what the schedule was for the day. She will be fine, just like her sisters all will be, too.

Charlotte has two good friends in her class, so she is good to go. Samantha has a few friends on her team (sets of four classes that all move together, that's the middle school way of doing things) and two good buds in her class. She was more excited than nervous.

Back at home, I intend to get the house back in order after a summer of serious use. (One room at a time....) Jay Michael seems oblivious that he has been alone all day - happy to have the attention of Mom and Dad. Routine is good for us all!

One more group shot...

4 screams from the fans...:

Chelsie said...

WOW! Just one at home. It goes by so fast though, don't you think? I, for one, am enjoying the way school puts ME on a schedule. I feel like a better mom when I have a well planned out day.

Tina - Ball Team Co-Captain said...

It does go so fast. The second day was harder, though, for Josephine. She was great until it was time to get shoes on. She then decided she wasn't going. I hd to carry her into the classroom and the teacher - a saint - peeled her off of me and talked to her. Ten minutes later an aide came to the library - where I was hiding - to tell me she was whimpering, but, participating. Whew.

Casey said...

Yeah! We love the Ball Team. Love back to school. They are all growing up so fast. I wish I could slow down time. But I guess we don't need to since we'll have all eternity, right?

Emilee said...

Wow already to school? We start on the 30th. Your adorable girls are growing up and I know over the years will cause me to feel older and older because of it! :) I love the shoe card by the way! I agree, totally fantastic color combo!