13 August 2010

KidBits August 2010

Just a little KidBit from each of the ladies, and Jay:

Rachel has been busy this summer with mowing the grass, going to Girls Camp and earning money from babysitting and cleaning houses. She is already practicing with her fall soccer team and has her schedule for 7th grade. They do grow up so fast, don't they? She even makes amazing pancakes! This picture was just before she left for Girls Camp.
Samantha never stopped practicing with her gym team but has now moved to evening practice, getting ready for the school schedule. She has also made money this summer by dog-sitting! She's had three families call her and ask her to take care of their pets while they are away for vacation. Samantha's swimmers ear came back with a vengeance, so she had some down time, too. This picture is Samantha doing a backhandspring at the gym.
Charlotte finished her swim team at the end of July but was on such a schedule of 8am practices that she couldn't sleep in her the summer! She was in constant motion with playdates and swimming - a great seven year old summer. Here she is with her caterpillar friends that she wanted to keep as pets in her room. I said no. She will soon start the second grade and has organized all her clothes into outfits, just to be ready!
Josephine took a summer ballet class, and was the ONLY student! For an hour once a week she trained for her future as a prima ballerina! Thank you Shelby! She had some shy days, and Mom had to stand at the bar with her, but, overall I think she's a little more independent and more prepared for next week - Kindergarten!
Jay was just Jay. Busy, busy, busy! He's speaking in complete sentences, but, has his own way of saying things. For example, soccer is "kickaball" and blocks are "towers". He's so dang "shute"; here he is worn out and napping during nursery at church!

And our "addition" to the family - Lexi. Sweet, sweet girl. And as I say that, remember, I am NOT a dog lover. We are just "dog-sitting" while her owners settle into their new house, 1,500 miles from here. I will miss her when she goes to her new family home.

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