31 July 2010

First Swim Season

Charlotte joined the swim team at parks and rec in our little town. Practices started in April and continued through July. Once school ended, practice was every day and meets were on Saturdays. It was a pretty grueling schedule for a seven year old, but, since her friend, Sydney was also on the team and her Mom picked Charlotte up every morning at 8 am, we made it a habit to be up early in the summer. (I wasn't a complete slouch, I did the pick up and delivery home after practice....)
Her dive improved, her strokes improved, and now when we swim for fun, she gives pointers to everyone on how to swim. Charlotte is confident and ready to join again next year. I think we found her sport!

Charlotte with her ribbons, and her 'trophy' - the embroidered towel! (Isn't that cool?) The medals are (in order): qualifying for States, Coach's medal (she and Sydney won the coveted "comes to practice looking like she just rolled out of bed" award!), and Silver medal for girls 7/8 25 yard freestyle.

Some highlights: Charlotte qualified for the State Meet in two strokes: backstroke and freestyle. In freestyle, she finished second in the State for 7/8 year old girls. Fantastic, Charlotte! In backstroke, she would have finished fourth, but, she disqualified because she turned over at the very last second to reach for the timer/touch pad. Aw. To her credit, that was her first meet ever using a touch pad for time; she was used to just a kickboard to cushion her head and a timer standing over the pool. Still, she would have had fourth!
Some photos of the season:

warm ups ::: waiting for her event

Sydney and Charlotte, Friends and Swimmers

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Meghan White said...

That is so awesome!! I think you have more swim seasons to come!