13 July 2010

Mad Ball Skills

This is Jay's newest trick. I am such a proud Momma. Some kids are potty training at 2 1/2, or speaking in complete sentences. Not our boy. Nope. He can do all those things later. Today, he can balance a ball on his heels. I can't do video, or I would have included the second half of this trick, which is thrusting the ball as high as he can - usually a direct aim at the ceiling fan. He hasn't hit it yet. Maybe next week.

2 screams from the fans...:

Kim said...

Yea for Jay! My kids saw the picture of your family and they said, "mom, that is not baby Jay!" I explained that yup- he is not a baby anymore!

angelalois said...

he must be a "Ball!" hahahaha! the name matches the skillz! I love it. I need to see if my 2-year old can do such wonders.