04 May 2010


Charlotte is our middle child, and as a middle child, she has a unique position in a family of five children. Is she one of the older ladies? Is she one of the little ones? For now, Charlotte is 7 and that's what is important. She is a free-thinker, a leader and a comedian. She is athletic and a great reader. She loves to play with babies, but can ride her bike to school like the big ladies. Charlotte is also very mannerly - always saying thank you and please. Lately I have been thinking about her, because it was brought to my attention that sometimes I treat her like a little lady, and not the competent member of our busy family that she really is. While I was musing on my Charlie-girl, I tried to catch her in some typical poses throughout her day:

First, finding wonder all around her. She said, "Look Mom, see how pretty the swirl of chocolate is before I shake it all up?" It is, babe. Thank you for showing me. And the second picture, playing with her Jay Michael. She is such a great playmate.

Charlotte started to play soccer last season, but, wouldn't go out on the field. She got there and just decided NO. (Did I also mention how stubborn she is?) Knowing how much she loves the water, I waited til swimming season came around this year I asked if she wanted to try that. "Oh yes, Mom. I'm a fish." And so she is on the local rec league swim team and proclaims herself to be the only girl in her age group that knows how to dive. Her coaches also say she does great. And, she can dive already. Go Charlotte!

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Chelsie said...

With this post, you made me want to notice the good things about each of my childrem=n. Thank you!