17 May 2010


Ice pellets and cut leaves
During Relief Society today, we could hear thunder rumbling. The rain started soon after and pelted the roof. It really sounded ugly out there. Next, we could hear a tinging sound on the roof - hail! I hadn't seen hail up close. And in Arkansas, I didn't want to, since it is usually a precursor to a tornado. This storm passed us over, though, and by the time we left church, the sun was peeking through the grey skies and it was 70 degrees. On the way home, we saw just how much rain had fallen. This picture with Samantha (being a ham...) and the lake is amazing. The lake is swollen to at least three times its natural size. It overran the adjacent parking lot, playground and frisbee golf course!

1 screams from the fans...:

Becca & Joel said...

Oh my goodness - that hail is huge! I certainly do NOT miss Arkansas storms! But I DO miss you!