26 January 2010

Whooping Cough?

The Ball Team had a serious run in with germs - back off slowly. It seems that one of the ladies has contracted Pertussis, and shared with her family. I thought whooping cough was long dead, but, it turns out that it's still common and quite a nuisance if you are a teacher trying to teach a class of middle schoolers and one sweet lady just CAN'T stop coughing. So, off we went to the doctor to get the three oldest checked out. I brought along my support staff of babysitting kids, too.

With diagnosis in hand, we went home. And stayed there. For a week. A WEEK! James was even sent home with his coughing family, since his job brings him into face to face contact. You teach your kids to share, but, then, whooping cough comes along and we all have to get stingy.

So, at home, together, for a week...we tried to make the best of it. No friends, no playdates, no activities. Just the seven of us (plus my babysitting kids, who braved the germs). There was plenty of time to play on the computer, play board games in swimsuits, and play on the Wii; we did all our make up work from school and watched movies and took long naps...
Now we are all medicated, off of quarantine and back into the swing of things. No more sharing germs!

1 screams from the fans...:

Lilly J said...

Oh I know that feeling. I'm glad to hear that you got some good family time in though :)