27 January 2010

Kidbits - 26 January 10

Rachel was awarded a coupon for free bowling and a certificate from her teacher as the top writer on her team. She has a notebook full of song lyrics and she has three books in the works. Rachel is also our only daughter that keeps an up to date journal. She's a writer!

Samantha has been playing soccer for the last two seasons, but, wanted to go back to her first sports-love: gymnastics. She tried out for the River City Competitive team and won her spot back! She is at the gym nine hours a week and meet season will start in October. Way to go, Samantha! (That bar is four feet off of the ground!)

Charlotte is loving first grade and made honor roll again. She was one of only three kids in her class to move up to the Accelerated Reader program. You are getting so big, Charlotte!

Jay must have spent a full hour placing every ball we have in the house (and there are many) on top of this box and then kicking it as hard as he could, just to watch them all scatter. Then he did it again. And again. And again.

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Lilly J said...

That pic of Samantha is amazing!