09 January 2010

Kidbits - 9 January 2010

I've decided to start a new "column" here at the Ball Team blog - it'll be Kidbits. The idea is to use those pictures that are cute and qualify as something the grandfolks might want to see, but, don't really have enough for a post just themselves. So, anyone looking for thought-provoking or deep philosophical commentary might want to breeze right over these. I'm just showing what we're up to and how great I think my ladies and little prince are....

It's been COLD lately. Our part of Arkansas doesn't see much snow, but, man, it's been COLD. This fountain is in the center of town, and ironically we were out paying the water bill when we found that the fountain had to pay an ice bill... Plus, I love the angle Rachel used in this shot of Samantha. Don't you?

Also on the cold note, the dogs have been staying inside at night, because while Cody (the Great Pyrenees) could handle weather down to -4, Sheila (the Catahoula) is much more delicate, so they both get to come in enjoy the warm house overnights. Since Jay is allergic to dogs, they go out at first light and they can only sleep on the tile. So far, they have been great houseguests - no accidents in the mornings, and no barking. Just lots of wags!

Since the ladies have been out of school on Christmas break, we've been able to spend some time doing the fun stuff - like staying up to the wee hours of the morning playing Monopoly! We put Jay to bed, let the little ladies join sides for as long as their interest or their eyelids will allow, and then the competition begins. We made hot chocolate, ate all our Christmas goodies and enjoyed nothing more than time together. Then we slept in the next day...gotta love Monopoly!

Don't you love Josephine and Jay's newest workout? Bunkbeds have been one of the best toys we have at home. I was getting their bed ready for the night, and they were more interested in playing. It's great to be a kid! Work those abs....

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Casey said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. Just last night I passed up some cute pics that weren't enough for a post but I was sad to leave them out. Great idea. Also, thanks for complimenting my picture. It sure means a lot from a blog pro like you - you ALWAYS have the best pics.