15 May 2009

First Place for Rachel!

Rachel is our artist. She loves to doodle and draw. She has been taking some art lessons after school and she posted some of her paintings a while back on her own blog - Eldest of Five. You can see that post here. Well, this week was the school's Art Show and Rachel was sure that a girl in her class, named "H", would win. "H" is a great artist, too, and Rachel had decided going into it that second place after "H" would be satisfying enough.

As we walked down her hallway at school, where all the watercolor paintings hung, a girl was running back up the hallway saying, "Rachel, Rachel, come see! You won!" Rachel looked back at me, pushing the stroller behind her, with a smile that spoke volumes. Her smile said to me - "Mom, did you hear that? I won!" With that smile she took off down the hall with her friend and just starred at her ribbon. First place, Rachel. You won first place!

Great job, Rachel, we are so proud of you!

Fifth Grade Art Show, May 09

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a busy mom said...

great job Rachel! your painting is very impressive!!!!! What do you like to paint? Keep it up!!!
Sonia and Courtney