18 May 2009

Bad Dog....

Samantha was walking home from school the other day when she decided to do something she knows she is not allowed to do - go to a friend's house instead of coming straight home. She and her friend, "G", were just stopping at G's house to let the dog out and grab G's phone. Samantha insists she wasn't really going to G's house as much as she was just walking her home to then wait outside while G did a few things then came home with Samantha and Charlotte to our house. Such are the perils of walking home on a bright beautiful day with good friends and no homework. But it gets worse. Doesn't it always when you aren't doing just what Mom told you to do? ....

So as G, Samantha and Charlotte are walking to G's house, they cross through a yard. This is okay with the homeowner and has never been a problem before my daughter showed up not listening to her Mom. As they are crossing the yard, a beagle is barking. According to G, this happens every day, so just keep walking. He's all bark. Samantha, however, trips on a stick in the yard and lands on her hands and knees. The beagle stops barking and pounces on Samantha. He bites her right on the back of her knee/thigh. This bite wound is through her jeans! She is bleeding and crying. The homeowners, who were in the yard and washing their cars at the time, watched it all happen and were right on the scene with a first aid kit and took great care of Samantha. They called me and I took home a shaken and nervous nine-year old.

The school nurse, the next day, said that Samantha should be seen by her doctor, just in case she needs an antibiotic. Her doctor prescribed one, just to be safe, but, he thought it looked like a clean bite. Samantha has since healed up nicely and even won first in every event in Field Day (jump rope, basketball, hula hoops and hockey; she wasn't allowed to compete in anything that involved running), which was two days after the "bite day".

Just to make me smile, I think, Samantha had a church activity that same afternoon as the dog bite. They made Mother's Day cards and Samantha wrote this note on hers: Happy Mother's Day to the mom that is always giving me rules and now I at least know why I have rules about walking straight home. Sorry Mom and I'll never walk to G's house again without talking to you first.

Good girl, Samantha. Bad dog. Good girl.

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a busy mom said...

wow, that dog bite looked bad, glad she is ok. What did the homeowners say? I know they took care of her but is the dog usually like that? poor Sam! She is so cute and athletic huh? Here and my Sam would have gotten along great!