26 November 2008

Pilgrim Hats

I have been trying lately to find 'joy in the journey' (President Monson, October 08 Conference talk) and while I sometimes take that as a reason to play with the kids and neglect the laundry, I have also taken it to mean that my time playing with the kids should be quality projects and games, not just SpongeBob reruns. So, in the spirit of the holidays, we made these: Pilgrim Hats. The ladies had fun, they taste great (we used mint choloclate chips...) and they made nice little treats for the families that James and I Home/Visit teach. Enjoy your journey.

Dip the large marshmallows in the chocolate and use a toothpick to set them on the chocolate side of a striped shortbread cookie.
Remember to paint your lips with chocolate and smile for the camera. It is also important to keep the little man of the house away from the chocolate mess because he can make a mess out of just the cookies. And look darn cute doing so, I might add... Add some icing for a buckle and there you have it - Pilgrim Hats!

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Becca & Joel said...

Ooooohhh... yours turned out cute! I didn't think about turning the cookie upside down! That would have saved on the chocolate! I just posted ours...