19 November 2008

Frontier Festival

Last week Rachel's Middle School hosted an old-day "fair" called Frontier Festival. It was really quite educational, but, presented in a hands-on, fun way. The school was invaded by Arkansas Frontier Reinactors who stayed in character while explaining the details of frontier life to the kids. There were stations on log-sawing, soap making, firearms (it's weird that a gunshot at school was an educational thing...and welcomed), goat herding, dutch oven cooking, folktales, ropemaking...lots of good stuff. The students were encouraged to come in costume, too - girls in pioneer dresses and boys in overalls and cowboy hats. Out in front of the school is a cabin, a reproduction of a frontier homestead, and it made a great backdrop for the days activities. In the evening, there was a hoe-down, complete with a presentation of the square dances the students had learned. Yeee-ha!
The Frontier Girls - Rachel, Britney and Kayla

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