24 November 2008

Any Ideas?

Okay Friends. I know you are out there. And, I know you are creative, innovative and cheap, uh, I mean frugal... What ideas do you have for gifts for the teacher this year? I am coming up with nothing. Last year we made crayon stacked ornaments and I thought they turned out great. I guess that was my highwater mark. What is teachery and Christmasy? Help!

2 screams from the fans...:

Casey said...

I just did a thing for Enrichment a few months ago. We made our own salt scrub. I didn't know anything about it until I had to be in charge of it. Basically you just go to Whole Foods and they have all sorts of different scents that you can buy. They bottles are about $10 but you can make A LOT of salt scrub with it. Then the rest is Oil and salt. (I have a recipe if you want it.) I thought about doing it for the teachers, and the people I visit teach. You can just put it in a nice container with a ribbon. I even saw them in regular mason jars.

Or, you could do choc.covered pretzel rods. They look neat dipped in the choc. with sprinkles on them. We just do 1/2 of them. You can also do white choc. and drizzle the reg. choc. over them. We did it for Valentine's once and it seemed to go over well.

I am going to have to check back and see what other people come up with. I may have to steal an idea or two.

Anonymous said...

I read that teachers love gift cards or stuff for their classrooms since they sometimes have to buy stuff themselves. Not too personal, but, practical.