04 July 2019

The Fourth, 2019

 The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday - no candy, no dressing up (costumes or dresses) - just history and celebrating.  With fireworks.  That's my kind of holiday.  This year the Fourth was on a Thursday, so I had off Thursday and Friday (thank you Coon & Cole).  On Wednesday night, we drove from Easton to Chestertown to get Markel, then we went to Rehobeth Beach to meet up with Chase and watch fireworks on the beach with his family.
Josephine and Chase, July 3, 2019 
James, JMichael and me - trying to get comfortable on the sand.

Charlotte and Markel sat up on the boardwalk on a bench - Charlotte is not comfortable with the getting up and down on the sand.  We enjoyed the show - very nice.  Crowds were pretty big so we sat on the beach for a while then still sat in traffic til after midnight.  We had Thrashers.  A great evening - Happy Birthday America!

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