08 June 2019

Car Trouble

Cars are supposed to start when you turn the key.  They should run perfectly and do it all again tomorrow.  Right?  It's so rough when the car gets a mind of its own and just stops on the highway.
We went back and forth on having the car towed to the local GMC dealership and analyzed and towed to Auto Zone to get tested and I took Ubers to work and home for over a week.  
You may notice James has a few costume changes in these pictures.  Once we knew what was wrong, James knew he could fix it - the dealership wanted $1400.  We got the part at Auto Zone for $189 and three days later - James had it fixed and on the road.

The problem I found, is that cars are not built to be repaired.  The innards of the vehicle are all encased in plastic covers and the spaces are so small.  You need specially designed tools and tons of patience.  I'm sure at the dealership, they have all the specialty items that make the job more do-able.  In our driveway, though, with James and his bad back and arthritis, in the gravel and the heat - it was a chore.  I took my turn under the car and futzed with the serpentine belt until I wanted to hang myself with it.  Ugh.  But, in the end, James won.  The car is on the road and all is well.  Thank you  Babe.  Well done.

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