19 May 2018

Panda Express

We live in a corn field, or a bean field, or a hay field, depending on the season.  It takes twenty minutes to get anywhere.  That kind of separation is great on the one hand and hard on the other.  One way it's hard is in food options.  About forty minutes from our patch of domesticity in the farmland is a "metropolis" called Middletown.  In a place like Middletown (in DE) you can find such things as WalMart, Home Depot, Buffalo Wild Wings and Panda Express.  There's even a movie theater and mini golf.

JMichael saw the Panda Express and was instantly excited to go.  He loves pandas - it's the only stuffed animal he has - and he likes Chinese food.  He decided he needed to try it.  We have lived here a year now - almost - and it's high time we go.  The other day I drove the forty minutes to take Josephine to see a movie with a friend.  While she enjoyed a movie, my plan was to go to WalMart.  JMichael decided to come along - he usually stays home and plays video games with Dad.  Charlotte and Samantha decided to stay home - they usually come along to get out of the house and remind themselves what "civilization" looks like.

Since it was just JMichael and I braving the "city", we decided now is the time.  We had just eaten supper, so we weren't hungry, but, you have to take your opportunities as they come.  We split a small orange chicken and sat out on the patio to enjoy the evening air.  He was super excited to get to go to Panda Express and he (and I) thought it was delicious.  His fortune is spot on, too.  

JMichael, ten years old.

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