12 May 2018

Ma, 2018

My Mom (Juanita Marie Anson Brumbley) is the cutie on the top right.  This picture was taken about 1966, before she became a young bride.  From the top left we have my grandfather, Paul Anson, holding Robert.  Next to him is my grandmother, Thelma Lorraine Patton Anson, pregnant with Lonnie.  Then Mom, about age 16.  Holding the dog in the front row is Kenneth, then left to right are Paul, Jr. and Tammie.  

This is more recent picture of Ma (2016) - With me behind her and my brothers - David, in the glasses - and Eric.  I love this picture.  It's so genuine.

Most recently - Ma and me - Shake Shacking.  We were actually out this year on the Saturday before Mother's Day because we had an errand to run and no one in my house was up on a Saturday morning in enough time to go with us.  That turned out just fine; we had a Mother's Day lunch early.

Ma is always ready to step in.  She also knows when to hang back.  She taught me to be kind and respectful.  She taught me to solve the problem and be resourceful.  She taught me to do the right thing and to always be an example to those around me.  She taught me to be a good person, a friend, and a mom.  She also taught me to cross stitch and to create and to imagine.  I work to make her proud.  Isn't she still so cute?

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