06 May 2016

Panther Boy's Basketball Takes State!

Cabot Boy's Basketball made it to the finals for the State of Arkansas - Section Seven A.  This is kind of a big deal.  School let out early and the whole town turned out for the final game.  We played Bentonville - a huge school in Northwestern Arkansas.  The governor's grandson is a senior on Bentonville's team and he was at the championship game, too.  The odds were against Cabot - the little town with the big high school.

I took the little three - Charlotte, Josephine and JMichael with me to watch the game in person.  We also took Jonathan, Samantha's boyfriend.  He actually got in to the court; the rest of us had to watch from TVs set up in the lobbies.  That was fine, though; we had lots of room and plenty of people to cheer with.  It was so packed that they stopped the game because the fire marshal said too many people were in the building. 
Samantha danced.  This is a dark shot of her in the hip hop formation.  She's in the front because, honestly, she's good.  This is her junior year.
This picture was taken by the school district's publicist and was posted on Twitter.  A friend of mine who tweets sent it to me, because I do not tweet.  It's a great picture, though.

Oh, back to the game - Cabot won!  The score was tight, and the team was down a few times, but, they pulled it out for a great victory.  It is still a big deal.  I think we can all remember being wrapped up in the hometown team - it's a great part of growing up in a rural Arkansas town.  Go Panthers!

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