17 May 2016

Jo's Toe

Josephine has had an ingrown toenail for about six months.  It's crazy.  She picks at it, she cleans it, she coddles it and then someone - accidentally - steps on her toe.  She.  Hits.  The.  Ceiling.  We have have three emergency room visits trying to get this one little, well, her big toe, straight.  They doctors told her she had to wait til the weather was staying ward so she could wear flip flops during her convalescence.  Finally - today is surgery day!

A little cutting and splicing makes for lots of badaging.

She will have crutches for a few days and have to take it easy on the trampoline after that until she feels up to being her active self again.  It all went well - although I haven't seen it yet.  It was amazing.  Her toenail was actually growing down into her toe and piercing the side, like it took a wrong turn but just kept growing.  She should be all straight now. 

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