23 April 2016

Little Rock Rangers?

We are a soccer family - each of the kids has played soccer:  Rachel and Samantha played the longest - from first grade through their junior high teams.  They both played goalie mainly, and they have the jammed fingers to prove it.  Rachel left the soccer fields when the high school stage called her away.  And once Samantha made dance team she traded in her cleats for jazz shoes.  Josephine played one season, and when I asked if she wanted to return the next season she quipped, No thanks.  I got a trophy.  I'm good.  Charlotte played exactly ten minutes.  She was in the second grade and she said she wanted to play soccer.  That first practice she refused to go out on the field and she cried and she stood her ground - which was the bench.  James and our friend Dan Woffinden were the coaches, and she had friends on the team, but no way was that child going out on that field.  That is the entire story of Charlotte's soccer career.  JMichael is still playing and loving it.  More here on that, coming up, 'cause we are in the middle of a great season.
James and JMichael love watching the pros in Europe play.  JMichael wants to be a soccer player when he grows up and he says he will buy us a house in Europe so we can watch him play.  Good boy.  James recently discovered that Little Rock has a semi-pro team.  These players make about $35,000 per year to travel and play soccer.  Not a bad gig.  Not a bad team, either.  We had a great time in the fresh evening air and cheered on our new hometown team - the Rangers.  It was $5 a ticket, but, we had to get cotton candy.  The sky had cotton candy clouds.  A fun night out.  Go go Rangers.  And yes, there were people there, fanatics, dressed as the power rangers.  It takes all kinds to make the world go round, right?

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