11 April 2016

JMichael's art

I hate to throw away the papers that come home because I know the kids work hard in school.  As a new mom, I used to be so good - I would collect a few papers each week from Rachel and Samantha and mail them off to my parents and some more to my in-laws.  Amazing, right?  Well that ended with the birth of Charlotte and since then I have saved a few precious things but, mainly I feel no remorse in getting rid of most of it.  Instead, I can post cool stuff here.  You don't need to see every weekly spelling test, but, look at this - JMichael's artwork.  I think they are pretty great.

This is a cow, obviously.  JMichael says the clouds and sun are black because it's about to rain.  He even drew the utter.  Awesome.
This is JMichael holding his tree.  He says he was supposed to draw a tree however he sees it.  I'm sure the class had a variety of trees, but, JMichael says he loves the trees in the fall, so he sponge painted the fall colors.  Plus, that's a tire swing hanging from the tree.  'Cause that's what trees are for, right?  They hold our tire swings.  It's so great to be eight and living out in the country!
Great art work JMichael.

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