31 December 2015

Splash - December 2015

The Ball Team
Yes, this picture is blurry.  In a feeble attempt to tie in the mistake I made and make it significant and appear intentional, I will note that the last year HAS passed by like a blur.  Seriously.  Rachel got a job (or three), bought a car (or three) started dating and graduated high school.  Samantha started dating and leaves the house now a lot more than she ever has before.  She changes her mind all the time on what she wants to do after she finishes high school.  Charlotte grew about two feet - really - and now plays two competitive sports.  She only thinks she started dating.  Josephine started and stopped gymnastics and piano and now masters both without any formal setting and has taken on construction via a new love of legos.  JMichael still plays video games and soccer - plus he loves wrestling, football, baseball and his newest attempt to keep up with his sisters - basketball.  He alos believes he is dating.  This year WAS a blur.  James kicked all his meds - he left his pain management doctor and literally did his own withdrawal treatment for his meds (hydrocodone, morphine, and tzanadine).  He's all natural now, and while he still hurts and sometimes more than ever, at least he is clear and present and his liver and heart are not having to work as hard.  He's amazing.  I'm still writing for a law firm.  Last year it was just me and the lawyer and she handled family law almost exclusively.  This year, her husband passed the bar and joined us.  Now we do wills and civil litigation and personal injury and criminal and wow.  It's a whole new game.  James and I are exhausted.  I hope 2016 brings just as much good news - Happy New Year, everyone.

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Marc and Liz Anson said...

Sounds like a busy year. I'm so glad to hear that James is doing better and off meds. I hope you have a fun and slower year :)