10 December 2015

Dance Wall

This is a bizarre picture.  I know.  Samantha is 16 and she is the second one in on the left side.  I don't tell my kids enough how proud I am of them.  Each one is a different person, with different interests and talents.  Each one of them is a huge part of my life and I cannot imagine how devastated I would be if I lost one.  Recently, in our rural little town, a car was in an accident.  The driver lost control and hit a tree and rolled a few times, ejecting the occupants.  All four victims were either juniors, seniors or had just graduated from high school.  All popular, blonde, pretty, full of life.  This accident brought out a lot in people.  Some mourned, others warned, still others grieved silently.  My kids ride with their friends - most kids do.  Tragedy can be right around the next corner.  Hug your littles.  Love those kids. 

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