23 September 2015


Charlotte is our swimmer.  If you are keeping up with our BallTeam, you may remember that she swims year round for the Little Rock Dolphins.  Well, she did.  Charlotte is now a Wahoo!
What is a wahoo, you may ask?  A wahoo is a large, sleek, fast, predatory fish that doesn't live or hunt in schools because they are just too aggressive.  It is the third fastest fish in the ocean.  Charlotte's team - the Dolphins - was based in Little Rock, and while they did give us a good start in swimming and introduced us to Charlie's favorite Coach ever - Coach Brian - we have parted ways.  Coach Brian broke away and formed his own team - Wahoos - and we gladly followed. 
Charlotte "flying" and in her ready position for backstroke.
And, as always, cheering on her team.
Swimming has taken over a lot of who Charlotte is.  I was worried at one point that that would be a bad thing.  I don't worry anymore.  She has embraced it - she works hard and she makes great progress under the direction of Coach Brian.  The Wahoos range in age from about 8 to 18.  Charlotte has made some good friends and is surrounded by older teammates who are good kids and who support her.  Swimming has been good for her physically - and good more her emotionally.  She is pretty cocky about it, actually.  Good for her.  When she says she can smoke you in the water, watch out.  She can.  Go Wahoos!

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