12 September 2015

Red Dragons

JMicheal (7 years old) is happy again - soccer season has begun.  This year he is a Red Dragon and on a whole new team - new teammates and two new coaches.  The Coaches - Coach Kevin and Coach Michael are both men who know the game of soccer and respect the finesse of a quality player.  They are concentrating on moves and skills, not scores and goals.  One big rule this year is to do a move before you shoot on goal - and no booting the ball.  JMichael is having to adjust and listen more, since previous coaches have been goal driven and loved JMichael for his strong left foot and his ability to kick the ball down the whole field.  This year will be a big improvement year for him in his skills, which the coaches teach with games and fun drills.  So far we have had two games and they have won them both - JMichael scored in both.  It was a tad nippy out this bright September morning, and JMichael was rocking his black beanie.  Go Red Dragons!

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