28 August 2015

The family that plays together....

I'm not gonna lie - my kids are not perfect.  I'm not perfect either.  On the blog, sometimes I think I put my family out there as this amazing set of people who do great and beautiful things.  We ARE those people.  We are also occasionally grumpy, rebellious and mean.  We fight; we get upset and we have those moments that test every fiber of my loving momma's heart.  But then, out of the blue - this stuff happens.  This picture may look on the surface to be another of Josephine's wonderful strength and flexibility poses - and it is.  She's so focused.  But look again - the Momma in me sees more.  On the field, there are four incredible people - freely and happily playing together.  JMichael takes a soccer ball with him literally everywhere he can.  On this day he had a ball and all four sisters to pay with him.  There they are - all out there enjoying themselves and the fresh air and each other.  Bless their sweet and independent hearts.  I hope they always hold on to each other.

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