24 August 2015

Samantha - mid air

Dance team had picture day - my kids will tell you something about me and school pictures.  I never buy them.  Dag, in this day and age with a phone/camera in my hand or my bag at all times, who needs a professional to take even more pictures of my kids?  For the record, I also do not do fund raisers.  My kids know that if they are bringing home either of those things - like the beginning of the school year always brings - picture order forms and fund raiser info - they can just toss that trash.

So, picture day for dance team - Samantha's friend caught this great shot.  She's fierce, focused and ready to get that Panther crowd rockin'.

This girl loves her dance team.  She does not love the drama that girl groups bring - she is there to dance.  She's a leader and doesn't realize it.  She practices at home and in the car and she knows her grrove.  She's been moved to the front and is proud to a Panther Dancer.  Rock on, Samantha.

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