02 March 2015

JMichael is 7!

JMichael is the little man of our BallTeam.  With four older sisters, he is the most doted on of all our children.  He thinks of himself as just one of the girls and when his sisters have friends over to play, he goes right along with them.  He's had his nails and toes painted, his hair straightened and jelled.  He's worn more lipstick than most boys in his class, I'm sure.  But make no mistake - JMichael is all boy.  He loves any sport he plays, he loves to watch WWE Smackdown with his Dad, and he is feisty as the day is long.  He has a great appetite and his allergies are fading with age - he can eat eggs straight now.  Still no nuts - that still gets a big reaction.

JMichael is sweet and cuddles his Momma like a good boy should.  He is doing well in school, with the help of his reading intervention for his dyslexia/dysgraphia, and he says that Math is his favorite subject - after PE, of course.
JMichael got a crocheted blanket - in orange, his favorite color - from my Mom, and James' Dad and Jean took us all out for hibachi and gave JMichael cash!  He's a happy, rambunctious little man and we all love him to pieces.

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