08 March 2015

Curly or Straight?

Samantha works really hard on her hair.  She washes and conditions it.  Then she oils it and straightens it.  This process costs her hours.  She literally gets up at 4 am to get ready for school.  What many people do not know is that Samantha has her dad's hair - super curly. 
Just recently we have had some snow and rain.  Samantha walked home from her friend's house - just down the street - and she got caught in the rain.  She was out in the weather maybe for five minutes and this is what happens - the curls come out!  I had her permission to post a picture of Samantha with her curls coming out.  This picture just shows some curl surfacing.  Isn't it pretty?  After a shower she is pure curl.  She is beautiful curly or straight!

Josephine jumped in the photo, too.

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