22 February 2014

Superman is Six

JMichael is six.  I know, I know; he's adorable.  He's athletic and funny and smooth with the ladies.  But he's six!?  He was born just yesterday.  His birth was the main catalyst for beginning this blog.  JMichael was 9 pounds, 14 ounces at birth - which was by c-section.  Since he never got that final squeeze, he was born with what the nurses called whimpy white boy syndrome.  His lungs were still full of fluid and he was not able to breathe on his own.  He was hospitalized for two weeks in a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).  We couldn't even hold him.  With so many people wanting updates, I started a blog to centralize information.  Baby Jay grew into JMichael.
For JMichael's birthday, we had pizza.  We didn't mean to have pizza, but, earlier in the day I was talking to my borhter David about stuff and money or the lack of it, and JMichael's birthday, and stuff, right?  Well as I am driving home, I'm talking to James about what we can do for supper and he says, Who is Dawn Edelen?  I said, that's David's Dawn.  That her maiden name.  He said, that explains it.  I said It explains what?  He said, it explains the five pizzas that were just delivered to our door!  Wow.  Thank you David and Dawn!

Blowing out his candles - except it doesn't show up too much.

JMichael wants to be a soccer player when he grows up.  He is left handed and left footed and loves any game with a ball.  ANY game with a ball.  He can put away his own clothes, unload a dishwasher and count to 100.  He is slightly dyslexic, like his mother and two of his sisters, but he sees a reading specialist at school and is learning to read in spite of it.  JMIchael makes a mean cheese quesadilla and loves to play with his sisters.  At school he is quite the social butterfly, with lots of friends and never a dull moment.  He is the perfect caboose to our family of ladies and we all love him.

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