10 July 2013

The Fourth, 2013

I'm a simple girl, really.  My idea of a relaxing day off with family usually involves water.  In Arkansas, that means lakes.  About fifteen minutes from our town is a small lake - Indian Lake.  We've been once before and we were there with another few families and we grilled our lunch and played all day.  That was nice.  This time, though, not so much.  Although there are no other people in the following picture of the little three - don't be fooled.  The place was packed.  I really had to get my timing right to get that picture.  The weather was great - warm and breezy - beautiful puffer clouds and PEOPLE.  Lots of obnoxious teenagers with no adults.  Lots of little kids with no floaties or adults, making me nervous around the water.  So, during the third altercation, when I heard the owner on the megaphone tell the obnoxious teenagers that he had called the police, we left.  So, the little three, oblivious to the drama around them, will tell you that Indian Lake is awesome.  I, however, do NOT recommend Indian Lake on the Fourth.  There.  That's my soapbox.  Moving on...
 The little three enjoying the sun, sand and lake.  This place has about four docks out in the middle of the lake as diving platforms, plus two playground rescued metal slides.  Lots of fun.  It's a water logged playground.
 Rachel was at her boyfriend, Blain's grandmother's house for a family reunion/wedding/fireworks party all day, so she's not with us.  Samantha wisely chose not to go to the lake, and so she went with her friends to the church potluck, where she had a flag painted on her beautiful face.
We all gathered later with our friend Anissa at the Bartlett's house for a front row seat to our town's fireworks display.  The Bartletts have two horses, which fascinated Jay Michael.
I took no pictures of fireworks.  I just sat and enjoyed.  Ahhh.  Happy Birthday America!

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