08 July 2013

Kansas City, June 2013

Our trip to Kansas City.  Warning - lots of pictures!
Three of five goofing off in the car - where are they headed?
Kansas City - here we come.....
The obligatory stop for a serious travel day breakfast - Denny's.
This is a public bus in Kansas City, KS.  It's called the Jo, because it serves JOhnson County.  Coolio.
 Johnson County, Kansas City, KS has one of everything.  Chain store heaven.  Josephine found the one chain that she's been coveting online and dying to see in person - American Girl.
 This is her favorite - Julie, circa 1974.  Groovy.  So, for all future birthdays and Christmas, folks...
 We went to the KC Zoo.  Wow.  This place is immense.  We walked ALL DAY.  This is the otter.
 And the polar bear.  You have to see this in person to appreciate him.  Beautiful.  And playful.
 Josephine rubbed the Buddha belly.
 Rachel, saving the world from the hungry lizard.
 Samantha, looking off pensively...  (love you, Samantha...)
 The little three at the sea lion show.
 Later, back at David and Dawn's house, we skyped with Dad and Mom.  Isn't technology wonderful?
 After two great days in Kansas, it was time for the 8 hour drive home.
 We stopped a scenic overlook to admire the beauty and stretch our legs.
 Rachel is not fond of heights....
 But she warmed up just fine and bounced around the rocks with Samantha.
James and Tina - Arkansas is behind us and Kansas is in front of us.
We had a great trip with meeting Adam, Dawn's family and seeing the zoo.  We ate and laughed and played and swam and talked and just enjoyed being together.  Thanks, Dad and Mom for the hotel room, and thanks David and Dawn for having us.

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