05 May 2013

The Yellow-ness

I have been telling the ladies for the last week that we are taking this month's splash picture in the yellow-ness.  I mean, what other word is there in the English language that better describes this field near our house.  It is The Yellow-ness.

So it's been raining.  A lot.  Rain is great, don't get me wrong, I like rain.  But, if you want your kids to go traipsing through a field, rain is not helpful.  Neither are snakes.  We were always looking for snakes.  Snakes in Arkansas are as scary to me as the tornadoes.  We have copperheads and rattlers.  No.  Thank.  You.  But I digress....

Anyway, this field, the yellow-ness, is not going to be in bloom long.  So I wanted to capture it in all its yellow glory.  My splash pictures will come and go with the months, so I added these snapshots while we were posing, too.  And just look at those clouds!  Cumulus clouds, according to Josephine.  (She just finished a weather unit in science, so we are all learning these tidbits.  I just love my kids.)

Charlotte chasing Jay Michael through the yellow-ness.

Rachel (15), with yellow-ness in her hair.
Samantha (13), contrasting the yellow-ness.

Charlotte (10), reclining in yellow-ness.
Josephine (8), yellow-ness in mid-air.

Jay Michael (5), Here, Momma, yellow-ness to go.

2 screams from the fans...:

Amy Anson said...

Gorgeous! I would love to do a shoot there! And those clouds are awesome! Such cute kids!

Sandy said...

I drove past while these photos were being taken....."Who is in that field of yellowness?" I thought to myself. As I got closer I realized it was The Ball Family in all their yellow glory :)

Great Pictures! Each one captures the personality of each Ball perfectly!